Seasons & Cycles

Round and round we go..


I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to be happy in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humour, and most importantly, your heart. Following your dreams and making them come true aren't one off events, it can become a way of life if you make it so. All of these elements,  twist and turns led me to start The Moonlight Witch Academy.

To me, witching is just a way of life and, every day is a school day! I love to share all these magical things, old and new and it's as much a pleasure to find things out along the way too. When I studied Events Management we looked into all the different types of events; why they were created, the reasons, the people, the places. The more my fascination grew with learning these things, I began to connect the dots, I began to compare what I enjoyed, with what is...


The more events I held, the more I planned and it wasn't until 2020 made it impossible to do anymore, I started to look back on what I had done to figure out my next steps. What I found was that my overall plans from 6 years ago to now, were celebrating seasons and the festivities they bring. Every season has a celebration and even the most familiar ones have their roots. 

Inside The Moonlight Witch Academy you can enjoy weekly, monthly and interactive workshops. We'll learn and explore the who, the what, the why's and celebrate each magic milestone along the way...


Attune with the Moon

It's no accident that our cycles have as many phases as the moon. While we'll flow with the seasons and celebrations of the year, we'll also take it month by moonth to attune with the magic of the moon. Planning ahead and being prepared makes the impossible, possible. Join the pack, develop your skills and let your potential shine bright. Receive monthly prompts, planners and support.

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