The time is NOW!

Welcome to limbo land, please take a seat and let's chill...

Sometimes the best thing we can do, is absolutely nothing!

Apparently when you have no time for you, it's the time to make time.. So when you feel too busy, you've got to stop. We shouldn't be too busy, or too busy and expect to have time left for ourselves. The time, is now!

Since my last blog, deep down I was waiting for this one, or the next. All I wrote about previously was in essence summing up my shit, and what felt like had to happen, was part and parcel of the 'time' and helped clear the way for a fresh new beginning to follow..

I started The Moonlight Witch on quite the high.. I was thinking earlier, can you ever feel it when things are brewing!? you know they are coming, you might not even know what it is but you can feel it on the way; in a nutshell something's cooking but not quite ready to 'hatch'

I had that feeling for a few months before this all started and the more I get that feeling, the weirder and yet more understanding I get of it..

During the serendipity moments of the Phoenix and taking on my walking challenge for PTSD UK, it felt unbelievably vulnerable and undoubtedly empowering at the same time. Whatever the bigger picture, I felt it was just part of this path, the step before the one I was waiting for...

I feel like this is quite the in-between chapter, of what's been and what's to come, and in some strange sense I am also using this blog as a way to reflect and make some decisions. Writing is wonderful for that! I believe 110% writing something down has immense power, whatever it is, it makes things happen. Don't doubt there will be curve balls, gut feelings and turns in the road. But by holding the belief you are always where you are meant to be, doing what you're meant to be doing, it can change your entire perspective and keep your 'now' moments in check.

If you spill your coffee, miss your bus, get delayed in anyway, trust that the divine is guiding you to where you're meant to be. The list of all those people who were late for work for one reason or another on the day of 9/11 is an unbelievable reminder how setbacks can sometimes save your life.

Has that ever knowingly happened to you?

One of the Academy Girls told me a story a few weeks back, how her friends dad had stepped outside of a pub, many moon ago, and in that moment the pub blew up. I mean what theeee. Crazy to think isn't it. As sad as it can be to think about, let the vulnerability empower you and bring you comfort to know you are here, and you're here for a reason.

Before lockdown I was about to achieve the dream of a premises, this particular one used to run events and continue my community work. While it took a great deal of tears and time to accept it was a no-go, I couldn't have any more gratitude for my twists and turns, and for being exactly where I am right now. I mean in reality I am still achieving many dreams and not yet where I'd like to end up, but I'm sure closer than I've ever been before and it's my perspective that keeps me happy in the now and grateful for it all.

Since starting The Moonlight Witch Academy I have not only found my tribe, I have inspired and been inspired like a magical merry-go-round, taking my own evolving journey and sharing it with likeminded souls as they are with me. It's not just about guidance or learning, the revolving door of encouragement and genuine connection has been the biggest blessing of them all.

I wanted a place I could feel connected, not to everyone in my local community, but to those who I am aligned with, totally meant to work with and destined to create magic alongside. Being part of many groups and memberships myself, I could feel lost at sea in some, and a little like finding that beautiful underrated joy of quality over quantity, I'd found the events I held with a handful of people were so much more magical and uplifting in comparison to accommodating the thousands.

When I held community events I wasn't fully aware of the 'empath' way of things as much as I am now, and like they say, we can only connect the dots looking back hey! After an event I would quite literally be wiped out. Time and time again I'd host another event and the same thing would happen. I did these things because I wanted to, felt called to and quite frankly couldn't help myself. But in the process I became somewhat of a people pleaser. I served from an 'empty cup'. I'd accommodate 'all' and did it for free. I might of loved it all so much, but when you can't move, can't afford and give way too much, you start to realise things really need to change.

I have said at least 20 times recently, when I made the Pamper Planner last summer and even held a self-care course, it wasn't until after I started to truly understand that self-care really is how you take your power back!

I get lockdown brought us a lot of shit, but boy did it open up a whole new world for us too..

I found over time that while I was a night owl, I would continue to force myself into this somewhat 'normal' routine. Until it clicked, who wants to be normal anyway. Theres so many things I felt bad for or would resist before lockdown life, that these days everything is just ever so extra special.

I would never nap without being riddled with guilt that I shouldn't. I look back now and realised those times I hid from the world under the blanket, were the times my body was screaming for that rest because I felt she didn't really need it, or at least wasn't supposed to. These days if I want or need a nap I am like a big kid about it. Especially if my actual kids are at school and the house is quiet and I can rest peacefully.

Rest is so underrated, no wonder we can find it hard to do so sometimes. Like we think being busy is good don't we, or we have to be, but we don't. Less, is more.

And that said, I want less, I want small, I want more of the little things, and that's why I love that while my group is new, it's small, it's special, full of magical little moments. When I do host events, they will be small, not for all and most definitely for those who want to be there, want to collaborate and most definitely not for any Tom, Dick or Harry to walk in and out of with their bad vibes. Yes I said it!

I had planned to launch my new event business around this time and yet my gut put me on a setback to stop, rest, reassess and decide which way I'll go. Along with my family of magical teepee's I aimed to start party planning; creating events for those who want them, in apposed to putting it out there for everyone. And yet the more work I do with the Academy Girls, the more I realise how truly aligned I want to be with all my clients, collaborators and connections.

This year I also set a goal to host a number of magical retreats, primarily aimed at likeminded ladies and quite possibly ones for the family to attend too. That said, until I grow a team I only have two hands, so much energy and the inner sponge of an empath, meaning not only I put my all into whatever I do, I know now I can't spread myself thinly and expect to be happy or have time to enjoy the moments along the way. Whatever I do with my time going forward, my overall vision is to create Magical Moments, ones to remember, hold dear and make dreams come alive.

A few months ago I prepped the launch of this new business and wrote out a waffle of shenanigans to go with.. I've had my new pages on standby for a while now and knew I had to go through the journey of my last blog and end that chapter before I began my new adventures with a clean, healed and empowered slate. Yet I now also know I want to redesign a unique logo, create the best business plan I've ever before, hire a team and create an online brochure to enable my clients to pick and choose what works for them, creating bespoke events that they've dreamt of making a reality.

Whether it's in the academy or out on the field, what I love the most is immersing myself in the magic and making something happen.

Now it's time for me to do that for you!

Alone we can do all sorts, but together we can do more than you can possibly imagine...

Picasso said he would dream his painting and then create it. For me I dream in woowooland where the magic comes alive. I quite possibly spend more time organising an event in my head than I actually do planning it in the real world, but don't be mistaken, like I said, writing it down makes attention to detail the one that wins. I let go of perfectionism over the last few years and wow, by doing so you leave room for even more magic, the possibilities of the unknown and the wonders of serendipity moments along the way.

Now I've wrote all that, the brewing pot that's being weighing me quite literally deeper into limbo land, feels ready for lift off. WORDS, they are the magic! I said earlier how it's like having all the pieces to the jigsaw but having to find a way to put them together..

If you ever need advice, to make a decision or feel like you're in limbo, whether you use the notes on your phone, a piece of crumpled paper or a pretty little pad.. just start writing, doodle if you must, but to get it out you have to clear out your mind, those ideas, options or possibilities into something black & white. A to-do list shouldn't be full of things you don't want to do, start to fill yours up with your dreams!

'If not now, when?'

I've spent the last 20 days doing a 21 day challenge to 'birth the next level of you'. It's been amazing to say the least and needs a blog in itself! With the last day tomorrow and me officially becoming a double figured 33 year old, I am over the moon to launch my new Moonlight Oracle & Affirmation Cards. A decades collection of my artwork, combined with the magic of the now and new beginnings.

This 33 card deck is a dream come true, one that a few weeks ago I decided to put off til next year!? Visit to read more about the artwork.

*SAVE 50% if you order by Midnight 21/04/21

With a mini easel to display your card of the day, a 2021 Moon Calendar and little bag of love & light's the perfect treat to brighten your days with a little extra magic.

Visit the shop to get yours!

While I'll save more pics and post for the days to come, here's the link to my new and developing events venture: Magical Moments_Events

And last but not least...

Last month I took on the challenge of walking alone and this September I'll be joining a tribe of phenomenal folk as we walk 13 miles round Stonehenge! This fundraiser is in aid of the Alzheimer's Society, which to start I have a competition on to WIN a box full of Moonlight Magic..

Share this post and tag your bestie to enter ..receive a further 10 entires with any donation towards the cause. Winner Announced the night of the next Full Moon!

Until then, any newbies interested in joining the Moonlight Academy, I am honouring my Founding Members Membership ..Half-Price for life! Please note you can cancel at anytime. For a limited time only you can gain access to trial the academy for 7 days. Contact me at to see if this is for you.

Lots of Love & Light,

Natalie Rose

The Moonlight Witch

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