Dreaming in the Moonlight

Over all my years, I have collected and pieced together all parts of the puzzle that have led me right here!

Through primary school I had The Worst Witch for some early inspiration and started high school as Potter made it big. I was in awe, I loved it all! I think most witches and light workers would agree, things usually get dark before you see the light.. but when you do, not only do you start to remember who you were, who you are, that's usually followed by multiples of serendipites to guide you on your way...

There's magic in the moonlight! Be it inspiration, motivation or is it by quietening the world around us, we can hear that voice inside more clearly. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think of all the things you want to do? I truly believe it's no accident. Not always; but most likely some calling for your attention. While the magnificent moon has may phases, she reminds us that whatever stage we are in, we are always whole as we are.


'It calls me!'

What is it that calls you?

Apart from the magical way of life, for me I love writing. Whether it's about my passions, what interest me, what interests others, and sharing inspiration along the way.


The Moonlight Witch Academy has allowed me to funnel my magical callings into an online community portal. Come along for the ride, find your flow and discover the magic in the every day.


Do you want to add a little more magic into your life?

Discover how the seasons and cycles of the moon effect us and how to benefit from simply being aware.  Have a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what calls you too. Maybe you already know and are looking for those likeminded souls who can encourage you on your journey. 


A Bit About Me

The Moonlight Mama


Hello there!

Welcome to my magical little world! I'm the Moonlight Mama, also known as Natalie Rose.  While I was born in 88' in this timeline, since a child I've always had somewhat of an old soul.

Over the last decade I've raised my 2 seasonal charms, Summer & Millie. Through the beautiful and challenging juggles of the mother-hood, we've been lucky enough to find and rediscover the magic all around us together.

They laugh, love and accept me for the barmy witch that I am and love to join in these endeavours whenever they can. We've rocked the forest school, we've held many an event for various seasons and we've painted with groups indoors and outdoors over the last few years. This time round our magic school isn't a one-off, one day kind of shindig. It's time to make all this magical woo-woo a way of life! 

Join us on our journey.. check out their mini blogs below and shop your beautiful bracelets with us in the online store. 


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Develop your skills, further your knowledge and gain access to inspiration, celebrations and reignite that belief in yourself.

'Anything is possible, if you've got enough nerve.'

Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement. That and access to an online portal with magical courses and workshops to fulfil that curiosity and develop your own unique craft.

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