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The Moonlight Witch Academy Express...

It takes a certain amount of belief that is required to make anything possible.

That can be in your dreams, aspirations or in the wishes you make. But the belief that matters most, above all, is believing in yourself!


It isn't easy, the road is always winding. During our times of inward growth, our healing helps to reignite the spark we have inside. Following our calling, believing in ourselves and the magic can be a challenge and yet the most beautiful gift you could ever give yourself.

Sometimes it's encouragement, sometimes it's inspiration. Sometimes we just want to be heard. And sometimes what wants to be heard the most is that voice inside.. 

Are you ready to answer your own call?

They didn't have a class on how to believe in yourself at school, but here at the real life magic school, that's just part of the on-boarding!

The sorting hat also had a revamp. You no longer get put into a class, you can simply choose it for yourself..

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